Pendleton Baby Blanket -Dream catcher Muchacho

Pendleton Woolen Mills

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In Ojibwe or Chippewa lore, Dream Catchers protect children from nightmares. Good dreams pass through the center and slide down the feathers to the sleeping child. Bad dreams get caught in the web and disappear with daylight. Just crib size, but so warm and energizing it will be taken along wherever the little muchacho or muchacha goes. Made of our softest wool. A treasured baby gift when customized with embroidery.

  • 32" x 44"
  • Napped and felt bound
  • 82% pure virgin wool/18% cotton
  • Dry clean
  • Made in the USA

A portion of sales from all Pendleton merchandise using the Chief Joseph pattern goes toward yearly grants to nonprofits supporting Native American language preservation, and to support Native Americans who seek careers as healthcare professionals.