Navajo Wedding Basket 13" - 10 points

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The meaning:  The Navajo Ceremonial Basket is also known as the Navajo Wedding Basket and it is associated with creation, marriage, the circle of life, and the journey through life.  The red bands represent marriage, the mixing of your blood with your spouse and the creation of family.


The ceremony:  At a traditional Navajo wedding, a new Wedding Basket is required to serve traditional corn meal mush to the wedding couple.  The sacred cornmeal mixture is prepared by the bride’s father.  The bride and groom feed one another cornmeal as a sign of their everlasting commitment to one another. The basket of cornmeal is then shared with other family members and attending guests, and is given to the groom's mother from the bride's family.

Navajo Wedding Basket 13" - 10 points.