Natural Deer Sinew

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Strips average from 15-18 in. length and up to 2 in. wide.

Natural Deer Sinew made from deer back strap. Great for craft projects for restoration and reproduction craft projects

Sinew historically has been used for sewing thread to make clothing and other accessories. To attach arrowheads to arrow shafts; make bow strings, sewing moccasins and other clothing.

Sinew is obtained from animals like deer, buffalo, moose and elk. It is the fibrous band of tissue known as the tendon. This fiber is strong and durable and shrinks when it is dry so it may not need to be knotted.

To use soak in warm water until it is soft then gently pull apart into thin fiber. The leg fiber can be pulled or frayed until the fibers are separated then rolled or twisted before used. If wetted the fibers will shrink as it dries. In this case the stitching should be loose enough to account for the shrinkages.