Moqui Marbles Pair - Extra Extra Large

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Moqui Marbles Pair - Extra Extra Large ~ 55-60 mm

One each - Male & Female

Moqui marbles are small, brownish-black balls composed of iron oxide and sandstone that formed on the ground near outcrops of Jurassic age Navajo Sandstone.
The word Moqui comes from the Hopi Tribe. The Hopi were previously known as the Moqui Indians, There is a Hopi legend that the Hopi ancestors’ spirits return to Earth in the evenings to play marble games with these iron balls, and in the mornings the spirits leave the marbles behind to reassure their relatives that they are happy and content.

Moqui marbles (sometimes spelled Moki) are also known by collectors by many other names—Navajo cherriesNavajo berries, Kayenta berries, Entrada berries, Hopi marbles, Moqui ballsor Shaman stones.