Blanket - Celebrate the Horse

Pendleton Woolen Mills

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A brave warrior astride a swift steed thunders across the plain. Similar images were painted on buffalo hides by Plains Indians in the 1800s. Our Celebrate the Horse blanket is based on a design from the Blackfoot tribe, expert horsemen who called the animal "elk-horse" for its great size. The arrival of the horse with 16th-century Spanish Conquistadors changed forever the culture of Native Americans, encouraging migration, trading, herding and hunting. Part of our Legendary Collection, this design honors stories and symbols of Native American cultures. Made from 82% pure new wool and 18% cotton. Reverses for two different looks. Woven in our Pacific Northwest mills and softly napped.

• 64"x 80"
• Felt-bound
• Pure virgin wool/cotton
• Dry clean
• Made in USA