Arbor Vitae (1 Oz.)

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Arborvitae in Latin means “tree of life” and it is particularly sacred to the Ojibwe people, who list the tree as one of their four major plants on the medicine wheel. While it is used for everything from disinfectants to the curing of STDs, this powerful plant does contain the neuro-toxin thujone, which can be toxic when consumed in large doses. Arborvitae is particularly useful in treating upper respiratory illness, such as the common cold, tonsillitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, or strep throat. It is used topically to relieve arthritis and reduce pain from sore muscles or recovering injuries. A tea can be made from the leaves of this tree, and this herb is also sometimes found in many of the herbal products used for coughs and colds.

(Always Consult A Doctor Before Trying Any Form Of Alternative Medicine)