Sacred Sage and the Power of Smudging March 28 2015

Sage is one of the most important Native American ceremonial plants used by many tribes as a purifying herb. It symbolizes protection and healing in many Native cultures and is used as a means to drive out evil influences and to ward off bad luck. Sage is burned as a spiritual cleanser before many traditional ceremonies and is also one of the herbs frequently included in medicine bundles and amulets. Sage along with sweetgrass are two of the plants used in smudging ceremonies. Smudging is the common name given to this ritual ceremony. It is a ritual of cleansing and purification for the physical and spiritual bodies.

The Indian Store sells smudging supplies individually or in kit form. A kit will include the smudging shell, Sage, Sweetgrass and a feather. You can also purchase the supplies individually if so desired as mentioned. Please check out our website for smudging kits and supplies. Sage and Sweetgrass can be found in the Pipes and Herbs Collection along with other smudging supplies.